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OpenCart SEO: which modules should be installed


OpenCart, as a system for creating online stores, has certain built-in SEO tools that help optimize the site for search engine requirements. But these basic functions, such as the ability to manually write meta tags for pages, are not enough to ensure full compliance with search engine optimization rules. It will expand the basic capabilities, modules for OpenCart will help to better promote the website, they allow you to integrate new SEO functions, methods and approaches.

SEO optimization is a very important stage in the development of a successful online store. It depends on what positions your site will occupy in search engines and how much traffic and, accordingly, income it will bring. The right SEO strategy can significantly increase the chances of getting traffic and conversions. And installing additional modules will help maximize the potential of the online store. Let’s take a look at some of the best OpenCart modules for SEO:

1. SEO Pros

SEO Pro is one of the most popular modules for OpenCart optimization. This module allows you to configure CNC, that is, readable URL links, as well as get rid of duplicate URLs on the site and structure your links. The module is free, you can download it on Github and on the personal sites of some developers who improve it with additional features and functions.

2. OpenCartBot‘s SEO URL generator

The SEO URL generator massively transforms standard OpenCart URLs into readable ones by filling the SEO URL fields in products, categories and other pages. If you have a large catalog of goods, this module will be an indispensable assistant, because it will save a lot of time.

3. OpenCart‘s Markup SEO module

Have you seen that in the output of search engines, some sites stand out among others with extended snippets – this is an additional image next to the text, a rating in stars, the number of reviews, the price of the product? So, such a result can be obtained with the help of structured data micro-markup, which is generated and added to the site pages by the OpenCart SEO Markup module.

4. Auto SEO Tags module for OpenCart

The Auto SEO Tags module for OpenCart allows you to easily configure the automatic generation of meta tags for each page of your store, including the main page, product categories and product pages, and other sections. You can configure meta tags for each language of your store, which is especially useful for multilingual online stores. In addition, the module has several important SEO functions – it allows you to add canonical URLs, manage the robots meta tag, configure the 404 response for any standard OpenCart sections.

5. Google Indexing API module for OpenCart

If you often add new pages or edit existing ones, this module will come in handy, because it allows you to instantly notify Google Search bots of the need to rescan the URL to detect changes or new content. Those pages that Google persistently does not want to index can be sent to it through the API and, rest assured, the bot will definitely check and scan them.

6. Merchant XML module for OpenCart

Google’s documentation indicates that the transfer of goods to the Merchant Center is required not only for free display of classifieds and paid advertising, but also directly affects search results. Therefore, you should not miss such opportunities as uploading the catalog of goods to Merchant. This can be done using the Merchant XML module for OpenCart or using a new method recommended by Google – through the Content API. For this, there is a similar module Google Merchant: Content API for Shopping for OpenCart.

7. Multilingual OpenCart XML sitemap module

This module automatically generates XML maps of your site, which makes it easier for search engines to index your pages. It allows you to include or exclude pages from the sitemap, as well as set the frequency of updates and page priorities, divide the map into parts connected by the Sitemap index file.

8. OpenCartBot‘s multi-component SEO Pro

If your site is multilingual, then this is not just necessary, but a mandatory addition to SEO Pro, which solves a number of problems for the correct operation of multilingualism. These are language prefixes in URLs, language switching without redirects, hreflang attributes for all pages of the site, cartoon images of logos, texts for the main and meta tags.

Regardless of which additional SEO modules you will install, it is important to regularly monitor and analyze the impact of new SEO functions on the traffic and conversion of your store. A combination of different modules and tuning can give the best results. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process and requires constant improvement and optimization to achieve maximum results.

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