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What is GPON technology and how to connect?


GPON (Gigabit PON), or “Gigabit Passive Optical Access Network,” is an energy-independent technology. Even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously, this network can support speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Such technologies ensure a reliable internet channel and operational reliability.

By using optical cable for data transmission, the GPON technology can achieve fantastic transmission speeds. This guarantees not only fast internet access but also the ability to use multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing signal quality.

How is the connection established?

To apply for connection using GPON technology, you need to contact the support operator. At the appointed time, a technician will come, lay the optical cable to your house or apartment, and install the PON terminal. When the terminal is connected to an uninterrupted power source (UPS), you can always access the internet even if the electricity is turned off. The operation time in the network is determined by your equipment. The connection costs 800 UAH and includes up to forty meters of cable to the first device, one hole, and optical fiber welding. During the period of receiving services from the BRIZ provider, the ONU terminal is transferred.

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GPON Internet: Reliability and Energy Independence for Comfortable Online Experience

In the modern world, the use of the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. It is becoming increasingly important for our daily tasks and entertainment. However, most modern technologies that allow connecting to the Internet require a constant source of electrical power. As a result, we can be left without internet access when there is no electricity in our homes for various reasons, such as accidents, repair work, adverse weather conditions, or blackouts. It is recommended to use GPON technology to prevent such situations and ensure reliable internet connection even in the absence of power supply. Therefore, with GPON technology, internet without light will no longer be a problem for you.

GPON Connection in Odessa

People in Odessa, as well as in many other major cities in Ukraine, have the opportunity to connect to an energy-independent internet using GPON technology. “Briz” is one of the leading internet providers in Odessa. Even during blackouts or emergency power outages, subscribers receive a safe and continuous connection to the network thanks to our responsible approach and the use of energy-independent GPON terminals.

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briz.ua guarantees:

  • fast connection;
  • prompt dispatch of installers;
  • 24/7 support;
  • real speed – 1 Gbps;
  • affordable prices.

GPON Installation in an Apartment

To install GPON in an apartment, a GPON terminal is used, allowing connection to the optical network. After installation, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet without limitations, even in dark places.

For those who value communication quality and connection reliability, GPON without light is ideal. Even in the most unpredictable situations, you can be confident that the internet will always be available.

Advantages of GPON

Ordering GPON services is very simple. The provider will install and configure the equipment, providing you with all the necessary information about connection conditions and tariffs. After that, you can enjoy fast, uninterrupted internet.

Overall, GPON is a modern technology that guarantees connection stability, data transmission speed, and energy-independent internet. Enjoy seamless access to the worldwide network in your apartment, even in the absence of light, by choosing GPON!

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