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How to edit LearnPress plugin template

1. Add your theme to the functions.php file

add_filter( 'learn-press/override-templates', function(){ return true; } );
To ensure that your changes are not lost when the LearnPress plugin updates, it is recommended to create a child theme and copy the edited template there. This will allow you to preserve your changes even if the LearnPress plugin updates.

2. Create a learnpress folder in your theme. The structure of your folder should be:


3. Now do the following:
  • Access the LearnPress plugin folder on the server: plugins/learnpress/templates
  • Find the “templates” folder, which contains the templates.
  • Find the template you want to edit and copy it to the folder you created above in your theme.
  • Edit the necessary parts of the template using any text editor.
  • Save the changes and refresh the page to see how they are displayed on your site.

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