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Increasing domain trust is a service offered by DiGrand

Increase Website Traffic

The parameter known as “site trust” determines the level of trust that search engines have in a website. Increasing trust from search engines results in improved rankings across all key queries, faster indexing, and stability in search results. We strictly employ white-hat methods, such as article promotion. We create articles related to your niche with links to your website. Afterward, we seek thematic, trusted websites to publish these articles. Increasing trust from search engines manifests in:
  • Improved rankings across all key queries
  • Accelerated indexing
  • Stability in search result positions

Examples of articles:

Example of traffic growth

What You Will Get

The primary goal of increasing domain trust is stable traffic growth.

  • Traffic growth and improved rankings for all key words
  • No risk of sanctions from search engines
  • After the purchase of articles, the results will remain stable for a long time
  • Monthly reports on article placement with links
  • 5-10 placements per month (depending on donor availability and their prices)
  • Unique articles, copyright of at least 3000 characters
  • 80% non-anchor links, 10% commercial, and 10% informational for safety
  • Avoid sites in occupied territories (such as ru domains)
  • Guaranteed article placement for 1 year
  • Visually appealing design, no link farms

You Will Receive

  • We work with sites that are at least 2 years old
  • Ahrefs DR of at least 30
  • Traffic of at least 1000
  • Indexed pages of at least 1000
  • Thematic and closely related donors (including potential media sites)
  • They do not massively sell links on exchanges like SAPE
  • Checked for search engine filters

Example of a Placement Domain

Age – 21 years 2 months 5 days
Traffic – 601 thousand
Ahrefs DR – 59
Donor domains – 9.58 thousand
Number of anchors in the article – 2
Indexed pages – 171 thousand
Visual assessment – not a satellite, a live site with optimization
Placement price – 50$

Terms for Client Websites

  • We do not accept single-page sites or brochure-style sites (without a blog or articles)
  • Mandatory regular site updates with unique content. A minimum of 10 pages per month
  • Sites without internal optimization
  • Website age of at least 6 months
  • At least 100+ pages indexed
  • Budget of at least 1000$ per month
  • Minimum collaboration period of 1 year
  • Service price is 30% of the budget
  • Mandatory internal optimization of code, structure, and content

Site Audit

We offer a free site audit, where we assess the internal optimization and provide recommendations for necessary improvements. If your site is on the WordPress CMS, we can conduct a site audit as well.